How Popular Music Programmes at Higher Music Education Institutions Create Professional Musicians

Over the past decades, we have seen an increasing number of popular music programmes at higher music education institutions (HPME programmes). How do both students and teachers perceive such programmes and to what extent do they contribute to the career development of musicians? POPLIVE researcher Rick Everts published a research article on this topic, co-authored by Pauwke Berkers and Erik Hitters. In their study, they conclude that the main benefits that these programmes are perceived to offer concern the development of a set of necessary competences, the establishment of industry relationships and the acquisition of symbolic resources. In line with the ‘normative value’ perspective on professionalism, a norm of expertise is promoted, and in line with the ‘power struggle’ perspective, these symbolic resources help to foster a professional identity, both of which are believed to help students to stand out from musicians without forms of formal education entering the market.

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Pop music as a superstar economy – IMBRD conference

To see a Bruce Springsteen concert in the Netherlands in 2023, the cheapest tickets cost €115. Nevertheless, when the ticket sell started there were more than 200,000 people queuing online. At the same time, however, many small and midsize venues are struggling to get their tickets sold in the post-Covid era. In their contribution to the 13th International Music Business Research Days in Vienna, POPLIVE researchers Erik Hitters and Martijn Mulder presented their study on the phenomenon described here: the superstar economy.

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The effect of COVID on visitor motivations of pop concerts

After two years without live music in the Netherlands, most COVID restrictions were lifted in spring 2022 and live concerts returned with a record number of concerts planned during the year. However, as live music is audience-centered, it is important to consider how the pandemic has affected demand for the live music industry. Commissioned by POPLIVE, Master student Kevin Belzer gained insights into how the pandemic has affected visitor motivations of popular live music attendees by answering the question: What is the effect of the COVID pandemic on the visitor motivations of pop concert attendees?

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Nightclubbing, risk and policy making at Dutch live music conference

The impressive music venue TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht (NL) was the location for the Dutch national conference on music venues, festivals and events on October 2, 2019. POPLIVE participated in three panels during the conference that was organised by our project partner, the Dutch association of music venues and festivals (VNPF). This blogpost presents our contributions to panels on nightclubbing, risk and trust in live music, and urban pop music policy.

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