Tribute Podcast

May 28th, 2020

The increasing popularity of tribute acts in pop music: is it just a form of ‘babyboomer-entertainment’ or is it the new cool thing for younger generations? How do music venues and the audience think about tribute acts and how does the future of tribute look like? All this and more is discussed in the POPLIVE Tribute Podcast.

Commissioned by POPLIVE, Doortje Schaart (a student in Leisure & Event Management) wrote her bachelor thesis about the role of tribute acts in the Dutch live industry. Based on both interviews with the live industry (venue owners, bookers) and a survey among the Dutch live audience, she concluded that there is a perception-gap in relation to tribute acts between industry and audience. She also registered the rapid growth and fragmentation of what can be called tribute.

This research project formed the input for the Tribute Podcast (in Dutch). Together with Berend Schans (director of the Dutch Association of pop music venues and festivals VNPF) and POPLIVE-researcher Martijn Mulder, Doortje discusses the tribute development, the way the industry deals with this phenomenon and the demand for tribute and related forms of live music by the audience. The podcast is presented by Ron van der Sterren.

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