Presentation Music Business Research Days

September 27th, 2018

This summer the researchers of the POPLIVE team presented the plans and preliminary outcomes of the project at various conferences around the world. Below you find a presentation showing the initial ideas and results of the project.

Amongst others, presentations were given at the conference of the European Sociological Association in Malta, the American Association of Geographers in the USA and Music Business Research Days in Austria, which led to very interesting contacts and feedback which proved to be very useful for the POPLIVE project. The first round of data collection is now in full swing and first results will be published in the next year, so keep an eye on our website for updates and the first articles. In the meantime, here is a PDF of the presentation that Erik Hitters gave in Austria, which provides a nice overview of the different challenges that the project tries to tackle and the various theoretical perspectives that are employed.

You can find the PDF of the presentation from Erik Hitters here.